Cast announced for Willy Wonka Jr.

Hamilton County Theatre Guild’s Belfry Theatre announces the cast and crew for the summer youth production of “Willy Wonka Jr.” musical, July 27-30, directed by Nancy Lafferty at The Ivy Tech Auditorium in Noblesville.

Here’s the cast:

  • Willy Wonka: Jay Potts, Indianapolis; and Gracelynn Hyman, Fishers
  • Charlie: Greta Schaefer, Fishers
  • Grandpa Joe: Ehren Knerr, Noblesville
  • Mr. Bucket: Ben Ohning, Noblesville
  • Mrs. Bucket: Addie McMillan, Noblesville
  • Mr. Salt: Drake Lockwood, Noblesville
  • Veruca: Avareigh Dillon, Indianapolis
  • Mike Teavee: Blake Valentine, Noblesville
  • Ms. Teavee: Morgan Trowbridge, Noblesville
  • Violet: Olivia Cook, Fishers
  • Mrs. Beauregarde: Claire Shonkwiler, Westfield
  • Augustus Gloop: Kyle Gibbons, Fishers
  • Mrs. Gloop: Ellie Seago, Noblesville
  • Phineous Trout: Mia Gordon, Noblesville
  • Grandpa George: Nolan Campbell, Noblesville
  • Grandma Georgina: Estia Wallace, Noblesville
  • Grandma Josephina: Bucky Ohning, Noblesville
  • Matilda: Ellie Long, Indianapolis
  • James: Micaiah Brown, Noblesville


Brantley Zieles, Westfield; Kai Schaefer, Fishers; Brooke Cropper, Noblesville; Oliver Maudlin, Noblesville; Camryn Oukada, Noblesville; Adalyn Dillon, Indianapolis; Quenton Coston, Noblesville; Coraline Coston, Noblesville; Mia Anderson, Westfield; Kai Korolyov, Noblesville; Lily Thomas, Fishers; Emma Morgan, Noblesville; Anna Morgan, Noblesville; Nolan Fisher, Fortville; Ethan Fisher, Fortville; Lexianne Duvall, Noblesville; McKenna Koehler, Noblesville; Liliana Santos, Noblesville; Cora Foster, Noblesville; Noelle Jarniac, Indianapolis; Kennedy Kelm, Noblesville; Catie Steele, Noblesville; Katelynn King, Fishers; Vincent Lomellin, Noblesville; Mackey Brose, Westfield; Donnie Wedmore, Cicero; Chloe Oukada, Noblesville; Avery Kite, Noblesville; Kaley Kite, Noblesville; Aria Lockwood, Noblesville; Emmalin Fisher, Fortville; Jayna Wallace, Noblesville; Marlee Callahan, Noblesville; Emily Greenlee, Noblesville; 

Elena Shonkwiler, Westfield; Charlotte Jamriska, Fishers; Sadie Ohning, Noblesville; Charley Center, Indianapolis; Austin Mitchell, Noblesville; and Dallas Mitchell, Noblesville.

Here’s the crew:

  • Director: Nancy Lafferty, McCordsville
  • Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Kristin Buchanan-Schwanke, Indianapolis
  • Student Assistant Director: Lily Trueblood, Indianapolis
  • Stage Manager: Kim O’Mara, Indianapolis
  • Student Stage Manager, Kellyn Johnson, Fishers
  • Choreographer: Katelyn King, Fishers
  • Music Director: Denise Johnson, Indianapolis
  • Set Designer; Stephen Matters, Beech Grove.

Set Construction: Ian Marshall-Fisher, Indianapolis; Kevin Callahan, Noblesville; Matthew Knerr, Noblesville; Matt Steele, Noblesville; Tony Schafer, Fishers; Tony Gordon, Noblesville; Alec Gordon, Noblesville; Matt Fisher, Fortville; and Lily Trueblood and Katelyn King.

Costumes, Norma Floyd, Noblesville; Gail Sanders, Indianapolis; Amy Kienitz, Fishers; Phyllis Hyman, Fishers; Kellie Callahan, Fishers; Melissa Coston, Noblesville; Marcie Hankins, McCordsville.

  • Props and Set Decoration: Mychal Prochnow, Brownsburg.
  • Tech Director: Beck Buchanan-Schwanke, Indianapolis
  • Lighting Designer: Eric Matters, New Palestine
  • Lighting Operators: Aaron Matthew, Fishers, and Cameron Dowling, Anderson
  • Sound Designer: Geoff Lynch, Noblesville
  • Sound Operators: Lukas Bradford, Fishers; Drew Benedetto, Noblesville.
  • Stage Crew: Audrey McGovern, Fishers; Grace Weaver, Noblesville

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