Join us as we Celebrate our 53rd Season of Live Theater

 2017-2018 Belfry Theatre Season Schedule

Done to Death

A Mystery-Comedy done in Two Acts
Directed by Nancy Lafferty


Sept 22 - Oct 8, 2017


Done to Death is a murder mystery comedy written by Fred Carmichael. The plot focuses on five has-been mystery fiction writers who are brought to the mysterious Vulture's Vault to collaborate on and write a new murder mystery TV series. When real murders start to happen, hilarity ensues.

The play is a huge parody of the murder mystery genre as the writers have their own styles that they use in hopes of figuring out the murders. Fast-paced and full of action!!

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

A Christmas Cactus

A Comedy 
By Eliot Byerrum
Directed by Elaine Wagner 


Nov 17 - Dec 3


Christmas Eve is tough for private investigator Cactus O'Riley when two fugitives burst into her office looking for justice and a dead detective named Jake Marley. She also doesn't need her secretary's mother who arrives and decides to stay because she thinks this is the Christmas murder mystery party she has always dreamed of attending.

Christmas turns into a dickens of a holiday for Cactus as she solves mysteries, delivers small miracles and dodges the affections of the Deputy D.A.

Comedy, mystery and romance converge in this charming contemporary Christmas tale where goodwill and justice triumph.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Dale Wasserman
From the novel by Ken Kensey
Directed by Jen Otterman


Feb 2, 2018 - Feb 18


One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a dramatic comedy about hope, friendship and the eternal desire to control one's own destiny. The play examines a charismatic rogue who manipulates the system so he can serve his short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than prison. He learns quickly that this move is a mistake when he meets his match in the head nurse whose tyrannical grip on her patients had been unshakable until McMurphy. He swiftly takes control of the ward accomplishing what the medical personnel have been unable to do for twelve years; coaxing a presumed deaf and dumb Native American to speak and leading the others from submission into independence. For this "infraction", Head Nurse Ratched punishes McMurphy with electric shock treatments. The duel between the two finally culminates when he arranges a rollicking midnight party, complete with girls and liquor. Lest she lose complete control over her ward, Ratched forces him to undergo a frontal lobotomy. But, an unexpected friend helps McMurphy have the final word.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Nunsense II, The Second Coming

Book, Music & Lyrics by Dan Coggin
Directed by Carla Crandall


April 6 - April 22


Nunsense II: The Second Coming is the sequel to the international hit Nunsense. Look forward to the return of our Sisters of Hoboken appearing back on stage at Mt. Saint Helen's School for what is billed as a "Thank you, Program" for their supporters. Forced to work round the set of The Mikado (being presented next week by the local music society) they decide to stick to their successful formula and present to you once again a variety show. NUNSENSE II: THE SECOND COMING could easily be subtitled “the rest of the story.” The sequel to the hit musical NUNSENSE takes place approximately six weeks after the first “benefit performance.” Complete with sequins, roller skates, impressions, gospel, rock ‘n roll, and yes, the Franciscan monks please come join us for a riotous time at Mt. Saint Helen’s!

Presented by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Brighton Beach Memoirs 

By Neil Simon
Directed by James H. Williams


June 1 - June 17


Fifteen-year old Eugene Jerome is desperately trying to uncover life’s mysteries, but his family keeps hiding the clues. Even so, he manages to keep his priorities – baseball and girls – firmly in order throughout Neil Simon’s hilarious play of his Broadway hit about growing up in Brooklyn during the late 1930’s.

Life is definitely never dull with seven people living under the same roof. Dad works two jobs to make ends meet, older brother Stanley is eager to dispense sage advice, and Aunt Blanche tries to cope as a single parent.

Brighton Beach Memoirs is a wonderful, semi-autobiographical comedy with heart, wit and hysterical insights into family life and growing up-just a little off-center.

This production is rated PG-13 and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Disney’s Camp Rock: The Musical

Based on the hit Disney Chanel Movies
Directed by James H. Williams


July 27 - Aug 5


Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical, a combination of The Disney Channels "Camp Rock" and "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" (starring teen idols, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers) will fire up the stage with over a dozen songs, including "This Is Me," "Can't Back Down," "It's On" and "We Rock."

A classic story of rivalry and power, Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical opens with Mitchie and her friends arriving at Camp Rock, ready to spend another summer jamming out and having the time of their lives. But the new, flashy Camp Star across the lake now threatens Camp Rock's very existence. To keep the doors open, Mitchie steps up, rallies her fellow Camp Rockers and gets them into top shape for the ultimate showdown!

Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical features a large ensemble cast with many featured roles. Whether your students are singers, actors, dancers or triple threats, everyone has an opportunity to shine in this high-energy show!

Presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International


2018-2019 Belfry Theatre Season Schedule

Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

September 14 - 30

Please join us as we open The Belfry’s 54th season in celebration of the 80th year of the American classic Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Our Town, by Thornton Wilder. Our Town tells the story of a fictional small town in America during the early 1900s, through the everyday lives of its citizens. On a bare stage, with the use of heavy pantomime, the story of life, love and death unfolds before us with delicacy and tenderness. With humor, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling, Our Town offers us universal truths about what it means to be human—in any town, at any time.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Adapted by Doug Rand

November 23 - December 9

A professional adaptation of Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life, the play is a traditional stage drama based on the short story and booklet The Greatest Gift, which Philip Van Doren Stern wrote in 1939 and published privately in 1945. The play is based on the fictional character of George Bailey. The character is a building and loan banker who sacrifices his dreams in order to help his community, to the point where he feels life has passed him by. Eventually, due to a cruel business rival's manipulations, Bailey falls into despair so deep that he contemplates suicide, until his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody, gives him a valuable perspective on the worth of his life. A classic holiday season presentation you won’t want to miss.


The Savannah Sipping Society

By Jones, Hope & Wooten

February 1 - 17

Four unique women, all needing to escape the sameness of their day-to-day routines, are drawn together by fate....
And an impromptu Happy Hour!

They decide it’s high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they’ve lost through the years. Over the course of six months, filled with laughter, hilarious misadventures, and the occasional liquid refreshment, these middle-aged women successfully bond and find the confidence to jump-start their new lives on the verandah of a Savannah, Georgia home.

Together, they discover lasting friendships and a renewed determination to live in the moment.

Most importantly, they realize it’s never too late to make new “old friends.”

So raise your glass to these strong women and their fierce embrace of life and say “Cheers!” to this joyful and surprisingly touching comedy. Don’t miss this laugh-a-minute comedy from the Jones, Hope & Wooten team.

Gilligan's Island: The Musical

Words & Music by Hope and Laurence Juber
Book by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J. Schwartz
Based on the TV show “Gilligan’s Island”
Created by Sherwood Schwartz

March 29 - April 14

"Gilligan" patriarch Sherwood Schwartz -- collaborating with son Lloyd (book), daughter Hope and her husband, ex-Wings lead guitarist Laurence Juber (music and lyrics) -- has created an original play that could well be an elongated "Gilligan's Island" episode.

In Hawaii, Gilligan and The Skipper are giving out tours. Five passengers - a movie star from Hollywood, a general store sales clerk from Kansas, a professor, and two millionaires - board the SS Minnow for a three-hour tour.

Shipwrecked on a remote Pacific island, the seven castaways build huts and begin to explore their surroundings. They discover strange hieroglyphics in a spooky cave, which speak of an ancient legend. The weather gets rough; Gilligan foils the best-laid of the castaway’s rescue plans........ romance develops.....

It’s fun, wacky and entertaining with 18 original, tuneful and memorable songs.

Red, White and Tuna

Written by Jaston Williams, Ed Howard, and Joe Sears

May 31 - June 16

The much-anticipated third installment in the Tuna trilogy takes the audience through another satirical ride into the hearts and minds of the polyester-clad citizens of Texas' third- smallest town. Along with Tuna's perennial favorites, some new Tuna denizens burst into the 4th of July Tuna High School Class Reunion. This sets the stage for a show full of fireworks and fun from the land where the Lions Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies.

HONK! The Musical

by Anthony Drewe

Presented by The Belfry Apprentice Players
(Not part of the season ticket package)
July 26 - August 4

Honk! is a musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Ugly Duckling, incorporating a message of tolerance. The book and lyrics are by Anthony Drewe and music is by George Stiles. The musical is set in the countryside and features Ugly, a cygnet that is mistaken as an ugly duckling upon falling into his mother's nest and is rejected by everyone but Ida, a sly tomcat who only befriends him out of hunger, and several other barnyard characters.

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