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Dear Community Theater Friends,  

We at The Belfry are saddened that so many at our theater in the production of "Marvin's Room"  as well as so many other theater friends and supporters in our communities have needed to stop, cancel, or delay productions for the greater good of our communities. Because of this, we are trying to be as aware of the CDC's recommendations that large groups not gather for the next eight weeks. Given this information currently available, we are postponing auditions for "Father of the Bride" to later dates to open our play as planned on May 29 which falls outside of the eight weeks being anticipated by the CDC at this time. Our auditions and rehearsals should not meet or come close to the standards dictated as a guideline by CDC at this time. The roles in this play generally do not require kissing, hugging or close contact. We anticipate that our show will go on, but recognize this is a fluid situation so please check back closer to the dates of the auditions for any updates based upon conditions at that time.  

"Father of the Bride" is an uplifting comedy that reminds us of our families and the care and love we need to have for one another in our families and communities during a more carefree time in our country. I believe it may be exactly what we as a production team and our community will love to see and enjoy once we all come out of this difficult time. I hope those that are comfortable with auditioning, will consider doing so on our rescheduled audition dates of April 13-14, 2020. 

Barcia Miller-Alejos, director


Now here's the important info for auditions:

Hamilton County Theatre Guild has updated audition dates for "Father of the Bride" by Caroline Francke and directed by Barcia Miller Alejos. 

Auditions, which were originally March 22-23, have been RESCHEDULED for 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, April 13, and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 14, at The Belfry Theatre, 10690 Greenfield Ave., Noblesville. 

Show Dates: May 29, 30, June 5, 6, 7, and June 12, 13, and 14, 2020, with all performances to take place at The Belfry Theatre. 

Proposed Rehearsal Schedule:

April 19 – May 21 Rehearsals Sundays and Tuesday through Thursday evenings.

Except Mother’s Day week (May 10) when we will have rehearsal Monday May 11th instead of Sunday. 

Tech Week – Tech Saturday – May 23 – Is Memorial Day Weekend so will have Tech Saturday on May 16th instead of the Saturday prior to Tech Week. 

Rehearsals may be scheduled Memorial Day weekend if needed but not anticipated.  (May 23-25, 2020)

Tech Week May 26-28, 2020

Opening Day is May 29th. 

Closing Day is June 14, 2020

Auditions notes:

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. No monologues required. 

Please bring a list of all conflicts to the auditions. 

Show Synopsis:  Mr. Banks learns that one of the young men he has seen occasionally about the house is about to become his son-in-law. Daughter Kay announces the engagement out of nowhere. Mrs. Banks and her sons are happy, but Mr. Banks is in a dither. The groom-to-be, Buckley Dunstan, appears on the scene and Mr. Banks realizes that the engagement is serious. Buckley and Kay don't want a "big" wedding—just a simple affair with a few friends! We soon learn, however, that the "few" friends idea is out. Then trouble really begins. The guest list grows larger each day, a caterer is called in, florists, furniture movers and dressmakers take over, and the Banks household is soon caught in turmoil—not to mention growing debt. When Kay, in a fit of temper, calls off the wedding, everyone's patience snaps. But all is set right, and the wedding (despite more last-minute crises) comes off beautifully. In the end, the father of the bride is a happy, proud man, glad that the wedding is over, but knowing too that it was worth all the money and aggravation to start his daughter off so handsomely on the road to married life.

From the novel by Edward Streeter.

Time period: Set in the 1950s.

Cast of Characters:  All ages listed are stage ages. 

Mr. Banks (Lead): Male, 40-59 - husband to Mrs. Banks, father to Kay, Ben, and Tommy Banks; loving, but set in his ways, we sympathize with him as a father.

Mrs. Banks (Lead): Female, 40-55 - wife to Mr. Banks, mother to Kay, Ben, and Tommy Banks; excited for her daughter, Kay’s impending nuptials; great ability to keep the peace in the household.

 Kay Banks (Lead): Female, 20-29 - only daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Banks, engaged to Buckley Dunstan; longing to be seen as an adult, she still has some growing up to do. Seemingly sweet, innocent and very endearing.

 Buckley Dunstan (Supporting): Male, 20-30 - fiancée to Kay Banks. Smart, very much in love but a bit naive to the realities of the world.

 Ben Banks (Supporting): Male, 18-19 - oldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Banks, boyfriend of Peggy Swift; likes to instigate with younger brother Tommy.

Tommy Banks (Supporting): Male, 15-16 - youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, best friend to Buzz Taylor; fun-loving, instigator.

Delilah (Supporting): Female, 30-40 - maid to family provides comedic relief; a bit lazy; often heard complaining about what is and isn't part of her job.

 Miss Bellamy (Supporting): Female, 25-45 - secretary to Mr. Banks, in charge of managing the guest list, overwhelmed experiences nervous breakdown.

 Peggy Swift (Supporting): Female, 18-19 - girlfriend to Ben Banks. – Perky and upbeat. 

Buzz Taylor (Supporting): Male, 15-16 - best friend to Tommy Banks. 

Mr/Ms. Massoula (Supporting): All Genders, 30-55 - caterer/wedding planner, extravagant and flamboyant; may be cast as a female if no male actor is available. – (Latin/ Italian flirtatious Male, flamboyant male, or over the top flamboyant female)

 Joe (Supporting): Male, 25-35 - assistant to Mr.Ms. Massoula. - - (bland, to the point male or sarcastic/ annoyed female) 

Mrs. Pulitzki (Supporting): Female, 50-70 - wedding dress tailor; a perfectionist.

Red/Rebecca, Pete/Patricia (Background / Extra): All Genders, 18-70 - furniture Movers. Cameo - Speaking Roles.

Tim's Man/Woman (Background / Extra): All Genders, 18-70 - fower shop delivery man/woman. Cameo speaking role. 

Extras (Background / Extra): All Genders, 18-70 - movers and vendors who bring items in and out of the house closer to the wedding.


Any questions may be directed to Barcia Miller Alejos at